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Wind Power

Wind Turbines work by converting wind power into wind energy. They are the fastest growing renewable energy, but location is key factor. Pirbright Renewable Energy offer installation of 700w – 5000w wind turbines.

Due to areas being built up, installation and positioning are vital. A professional assessment can be carried out to demonstrate your location wind speed, with installation heights and yearly averages.

Benefits of Wind Turbines

  • Produce electricity with little noise from the blade rotor and with NO Carbon Emissions
  • Reduce electricity bills by up to 80%
  • Sell all electricity back to the national grid when not being consumed (please see Feed-in Tariffs)
  • Link solar electricity with wind turbines to boost production by x1.5 total output
  • Increase the value of your property of up to 8.6% (Information taken from Institute of Chartered Surveyors)
  • Charge batteries in remote locations

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