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Powerful flat-plate collector with copper absorber and highly efficient Sol-titanium coating.

Powerful, durable

Vitosol flat-plate collectors make an impression with their high efficiency and their attractive price/performance ratio. The Vitosol flat-plate collector that has been successfully used for many years now, has been further improved; its even lower weight makes it even more easy to install. High quality ensures permanent operational reliability, a long service life and high efficiency.

Long term efficiency

The highly selective Sol-titanium coating efficiently utilises the solar irradiation and achieves a high efficiency. The Vitosol housing comprises an all round folded aluminium frame without mitre cuts and sharp edges. Together with the seamless weather and UV resistant pane seal and the puncture proof back wall, these features ensure a long service life and long-term high energy yields.

Tailor-made for every demand

With their absorber areas of 2.30 m², Vitosol flat-plate collectors can be effectively matched to any energy demand. The collectors can be vertically or horizontally installed.

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