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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is known as a ‘wet’ system because the heat comes from warm water circulating through loops of plastic pipe which cover the entire room area. Typical temperatures are around 35˚C but with weather compensation it could be as much as 45 degrees in the height of winter.

Radiators do not heat the room as well as underfloor heating they radiate heat upwards which can leave cold spots in a room.

When you combine an underfloor heating system with a heat pump not only is the efficiency much higher than radiators, the cost savings in home heating bills can be up to 70%.

Underfloor heating has more benefits over radiators as in space saving (furniture can go against a wall), plus there is no risk of anyone getting burnt due to high radiator temperatures.

Just like other technologies underfloor heating has to be calculated on a room by room basis which takes into account the heat loss. Pirbright Renewable Energy will calculate this for you free of charge. All we would need are the architectural drawings showing all rooms and areas to be heated on all floors.

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