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Biomass heating is an ideal alternative for heating your home to those who are currently using LPG gas or Oil. There can be massive savings on running costs which can be anything up to 50%.

Below is a table to show you how much you can save using Biomass, the oil cost was calculated at £0.58 per Kw averaged over the year and the Biomass fuel used is wood pellets.

Typical savings are:

Property Type Headting Demand Kw/hr Annual Energy Kwh/Year Oil Cost £/Year Biomass Cost £/Year Savings
2 Bed Semi 10 18,000 £1,044 £475 £569
3-4 Bed Semi 15 23,000 £1,334 £760 £574
4-5 Bed Semi 20 30,000 £1,740 £980 £760

Please note that the price of wood pellets is as of February 2012 and bought as per pallet load, the costs and savings are an estimate only. All figures produced are based on an average house type and heating demand is estimated too. Pirbright Renewable Energy cannot be held responsible for the actual costs or savings.

Statutory Disclaimer

The performance of the product cannot be accurately predicted due to the variability of usage and weather conditions. This estimate is for guidance only and should not be considered as a guarantee.

Biomass is also an ideal for new build properties which are either off the gas grid or the developer has to meet the latest code for sustainable homes. The running costs are comparatively the same as gas the benefits are that they can qualify for the RHPP and RHI or the Green Deal.

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