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Dimplex offer a wide range of Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps which have been manufactured for well over 30 years. They are built with the highest quality and modern technology to suit an ever changing technical world.

The types of heat pumps available are:

  • Air Source
  • Ground Source
  • Water to Water

The Dimplex Air Eau product range has inverter driven compressors which means that the noise level is much quieter than non inverter types. The sound level is comparable to a dishwasher running and will vary according to your heating needs.

  • Available in 4 models 6, 9, 12 and 16Kw outputs.
  • Night mode for extra low noise levels if working during the night.
  • Designed to work with the Dimplex EC-Eau hot water cylinders for heat pumps.

The Dimplex SI ME range of Ground Source heat pumps are compact units designed to be versatile with installations. The SI MEK units are specifically designed with other components built into the unit for extra space saving. The SIH ME units are high temperature heat pumps capable of heating hot water up to 60˚C

  • Available in 4 models 11 and 14Kw outputs standard units 4 and 11Kw high temperature units all single phase.
  • 22 - 130Kw units available in 3 phase electricity.
  • All have soft start kits as standard.
  • Removable control panel for fitting in another room.

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