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How are they used ?

A heat pump is used for space heating whether it’s for commercial or domestic use during periods when the building needs heat. In some applications cooling can be used to give all year round comfort which is usually for commercial buildings such as schools and colleges.

Heat pumps can also heat hot water up to 60˚C depending on the heat pump type and manufacturer. All heat pumps have a Legionella protection function built in which will take the cylinder up to this temperature in any case.

They can be installed in a cupboard in the same manner as existing cylinders however the likelihood is that your existing one will need to be changed. Heat pump cylinders have a much larger coil surface area to reject the energy into the cylinder efficiently and will usually be unvented.

The 2 most common ways for heating are with Underfloor heating and radiators, in some cases fan coils are used for an instant boost of heat. Underfloor heating is the most efficient way of heating a building as the flow temperatures are much lower than radiators. A typical flow temperature for Underfloor heating is 35˚C and for radiators anything up to 65˚C depending on the manufacturer and type of heat pump. Fan coils work the same way as radiators which have a fan to give a quick boost of heat if required. The temperature with the fan running is lower than radiators typically it is 45˚C.

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