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Air Source

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

An Air Source Heat Pump extracts heat from the ambient air even in the height of winter when the temperature can go as low as -20 degrees. It works in exactly the same way as your fridge the difference is the cycle is in reverse; the heat that the compressor produces is used for heating and hot water the cooling is not used.

  1. At the evaporator the fan draws air across it to boil off the low temperature, low pressure liquid refrigerant. As the fan rotates the liquid passes through the tubes in the evaporator in order to turn this liquid into a low temperature, low pressure gas.
  2. The low temperature, low pressure gas is then compressed in the compressor to turn it into a high temperature, high pressure gas. This is what we use to heat your property and hot water, this gas is then transferred to the condenser.
  3. At the condenser the high temperature, high pressure gas is transferred into a high temperature, high pressure liquid. The action of the water flowing from the heating circuit or hot water cylinder by way of a pump will turn the gas into a liquid.
  4. This liquid then needs to turn back into a low temperature, low pressure liquid so an expansion device is used to throttle back the flow of liquid. The cycle is then completed back at the evaporator to start the process all over again.

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