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Feed-in Tariffs

In Europe the Feed-in Tariff has proved very successful, especially in Germany and Spain and is a reward to encourage consumers to install renewable energy. There is an urgent need for Feed-in Tariffs to support renewable energy in the home, community and businesses.

The Feed-in Tariff works by guaranteeing long term premium payment electricity generated from renewable sources and fed into the grid. The Government would fix the level of the tariff to be paid and set the length of contract for each renewable technology.

Feed-in Tariffs have increased  to 43.3p per Kwh, until APRIL 2012 WHEN THE RATE WILL DROP SO NOW IS THE TIME TO INSTALL

England versus Germany and/or Spain

Germany and Spain’s use of solar power have made them both leaders in the field of renewable energy, as German and Spanish households receive ‘Feed-in Tariffs’ for the solar power they generate, while Britain is almost at the bottom of the European renewable energy league table.

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